Rise and the SABA Cloud app for iOS/Android.

Hi everyone,

Rise seems to be an excellent tool. I recently uploaded the default test course into our SABA Cloud environment and it worked perfectly. 

Unfortunately, when I tried completing the training via the SABA Cloud app for iOS/Android the tracking didn't work.  Obviously, the beauty of Rise is that the content of it should work on iOS and Android devices. 

I'm just wondering if anybody else has experienced any problems using their LMS's iOS/Android app and if there are any suggestions on how I may resolve this?

Thanks so much,


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Adam Schwartz

Hey Andrew - thank you so much for your compliments on Rise!

I have a favor to ask. Would you mind contacting Saba to see if they can look into this. The fact that Rise worked perfectly in their cloud environment but not in their iOS/Android app leads me to believe it's something in how they've implemented that app.