Rise and Translation

I am mostly familiar with working in Storyline 360 however recently I've been working in Rise. Can you confirm whether or not there are plans to have Rise export into a word doc like Storyline does. Unfortunately, I have had nothing but headaches with the process of using SMARTcat and importing the translated file back into Rise. I have never had problems with the word version in Storyline. 

I'd really like to continue working in Rise because of it's easy to use functionalities, but with the translation function being so difficult I won't be able to. 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Nicole,

I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing some issues with translating your Rise course.

Right now, there isn’t a way to export your translation file to Microsoft Word.

It sounds like having other options for the translation file would improve your experience authoring in Rise. Would you be up for logging a feature request to tell us more?

Please reach out if I can help with anything else.