Rise and Wordpress

Hi, have tried different solutions for running Rise content in LMS based on Wordpress. It seems very difficult to have a smooth user experience. From back-end checks, it looks that Rise is writing a lot of statements all the time that leads to a slow module because WordPress can´t handle that high volume of receiving new data all the time when scrolling etc.

a) Is it on the roadmap to be able to publish Rise without the resume functionality? I guess that could explain some of the performance issues

b) Is it on the roadmap to look over Rise way of communication with LMS so it can be just as smooth as Storyline 360 is when it comes to interacting with LMS?


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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for reaching out, Johan! It sounds like your experience with Rise in the Wordpress LMS is less smooth than your experience with Storyline 360 in the same environment. When comparing the performance of both tools, it's important to consider the size of the courses you are comparing. 

Rise is more complex than Storyline and tracks a lot more progress details.  As you move through a Rise course, you'll notice the progress percentage increasing for each lesson. That's because the progress of every lesson is tracked so that when the learner resumes a course, they are taken back to the precise place where they left off.

Blocks lessons are even more complex--not only is Rise keeping track of where you are in the lesson, but how much of each block was completed. And if you've included a Continue block, that's additional data added to the puzzle.

In a nutshell, Rise deals with a higher volume of information than Storyline does. So to answer your questions...

a) Publishing Rise without resume functionality is not on our roadmap at this point, but I appreciate you letting us know that would be a valuable feature for you. I'll be sure to pass your feedback along to our Rise product team.

b) Our team is aware of the volume of communication between Rise and the LMS, and they're looking at ways to reduce it. 

I hope all of that information was helpful! If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.