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Jun 13, 2018


I have a page in Rise where I have audio as well as interactive items such as the drop down menus and tabs. When I click on a tab or drop down the audio stops. Is there a way to keep the audio on while I interact with the items on the page. 

Thank you,

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kristin,

It sounds like you're using the audio block with your other interactive items? The audio block will keep playing as you scroll, but if you click on another section it'll pause at that moment. You can always scroll back up to press play, and resume where you left off. 

It sounds like you're looking for continuous audio throughout a lesson or a course, so I can share that idea with my Product team. If you have any more specifics to offer, feel free to let me know or send along here as a feature request

Brent Birdwell

I am making a module in Rise that has audio on every timeline frame.  As I move to the next frame and click the audio play - I have problems.  On the first couple frame, the clicking of new audio properly cancels the previous audio that is still playing.

When I click the audio play on the  third frame, I hear multiple audios play from previous and current frame.  Once this situation begins, it can't be fixed.  Pausing, replay, going to other frames, closing the module and restarting - no help.

So the question is:  How to make playing audio stop in Rise when the next audio is clicked to play?  I thought this was standard design?

Allison LaMotte

Hi Brent, 

I’m sorry that you’re having some trouble here. I just tested this out on my end and it looks like when I click on play on my second audio file, the first one stops, as expected.

The quickest way to resolve this issue is to have our Support Team take a look. You can submit a case here.

In the meantime, if there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!


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