Rise Base Defaults

May 01, 2019

Could someone let me know the defaults in Rise please?

So for example it seems without changing anything;

body text is always 14px

padding for elements default at 30px

Default text colour  is #313537

Menu is always font LATO

Are these documented anywhere?

Thanks a bunch!!

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Donna,

Unfortunately, we don't have any documentation on the default settings in Rise 360 courses. Most of what you've written here seems correct, except that it looks like the default text size for text blocks is 17 not 14. However, keep it mind that this can differ depending on the block type.

I'll pass along this request internally!

Alexis MacMillan

Adding a related comment and request to the discussion: the Lato font works well as a body text for many clients. However, with a 17 point default font and when using bold, it messes up the "i" character (squishing the dot and the stem). It takes soooo much time to change all occurrences to 18 point when it's bold. Would it be possible to make the body text Lato default 18 point so it works in both normal and bold? This, strangely is my #1 time killer when using Rise as we use a lot of bold to highlight key concepts in the body text.

#2 is the bottom bar of quick access blocks really doesn't include the most commonly used blocks (at least for me, but I would think for many). Different default subject tho...

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