Rise based Drag and Drop activities do not function as expected in Saba app on IOS devices



We have been facing issues with the drag and drop activities on Saba cloud app in IOS devices. The entire screen scrolls when I try dragging the drop items to their target.


The drop items sometimes freeze and are stuck on the screen and do not return back to its original position or allow me to drag them to their target.


The activity works fine on Android based devices though.


I looked through the community site and found that there was a report about an year ago, but the report was closed as fixed. Its strange that we are encountering the same issue all over again.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a fix for it?


ref to the older report: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/articulate-rise-important-information-drag-and-drop-interactions




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Crystal Horn

Hi Sundeep. We are seeing an issue with the sorting activity when using an iOS 13.1.2 and 13.1.3. Do you know if those are the versions that you're testing?

You also mentioned the Saba cloud app -- Is that a mobile app through which you're launching the course? We officially support output directly in mobile browsers, so I'm curious if you're seeing the same behavior if you launched the course directly in mobile Safari or Chrome for iOS.

I'll add this discussion to our report so we can update you with a fix!

Sundeep M

HI Crystal,


Thank you for the prompt response. We are testing in the IOS 13.1.3 version. The Saba cloud app is the mobile app to access the content from Saba LMS.


I would appreciate it if you can add me to the discussion and provide me a status update when the issue fixed.


Thank you!


Crystal Horn

Thanks for confirming, Nicole. Right now, we're seeing that the entire lesson will move if you drag a new card before the last card you dragged has dropped fully into the right or wrong category. In this case, users should be able to complete the activity in mobile Chrome or Safari if they wait for the card to drop before moving on.

If you're seeing something different, can you privately share your course output with us here? We'd like to test and see what's happening! We'll delete everything when we're done troubleshooting.

Tonya Weathers

Thank you for the feedback Alyssa. Unfortunately, Saba Support recommends learners use the Saba mobile app when using mobile devices. Using Chrome or Safari is not recommended because features may not function as expected. As a workaround, we'll just remove the drag/drop activity. Hope this gets resolved in future releases.