Rise Block Edit & Block Options are invisible

The edit icons in my Rise blocks are invisible today.  At first, I thought I was in preview but I am not because the Preview button is available. If I hover in the area where they were (i.e. edit), my arrow changes to a hand and I can click and content/settings panel opens. BTW I did perform an Articulate update today.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kevin. That screenshot looks like the lesson title and padding is missing before the first block. Is that what you're seeing? Here is some information that will help us help you!

  • What browser are you using? Does using a different one help?
  • What are your internet zoom settings? Does changing this to 100% help?


Chino Navarro

Hi Sue, thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue with Google Chrome. I recommend doing the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure your computer and Google Chrome browser are fully updated.
2. Clear your browser's cache.
3. Restart your computer. 

If you insert a new table block, are the tables still invisible? 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Annick. I'll need a few details so I can help:

  • What version of Chrome are you using? Have you tried clearing your cache and restarting your machine?
  • Is this happening with every block or new blocks? Every course?
  • Can you share a screencast of what you're seeing when you edit your lesson? That will help us see if we can reproduce the issue.