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Hello - I have a couple questions on how the blocks work in Rise:

1) I've created 5 blocks so far.   However, I don't want Rise to automatically consider each block a lesson and call it that.  For instance, my 1st block is the Introduction; the 2nd block is Lesson One, and the 3 blocks that follow are all topics within Lesson One.  However, when a user clicks on Topic 1 (for example), Rise is telling them at the top of that page that they are on Lesson Three.  That's going to be confusing for them since they are technically still in Lesson One.  Can I hide that feature?  (See attachment on that)?  If not, is there something else I can do, like move the 3 Topic blocks underneath Lesson One?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sheri,

When you created each lesson are you using the pre-built lessons or the blocks at the bottom?

If you're using the blocks, you can string multiple together and show them as a part of one lesson where the user will scroll down to the next option. To add a block after your first block, hover just below it and click the black (+) button.

If you're using the pre-built lessons they all will stand alone as their own lessons. 

As for the labels, you can modify that in the Rise course settings. It will allow you to modify the word "Lesson" but it will keep the number X of Y.

Hope that helps!