Rise bottom navigation issue


In Rise, I am using the bottom navigation so users can easily transition to the next section/chapter. However, I cannot seem to get the proper number to display in the nav bar. I'm on the very first section and the nav bar says 2, not 1 (I removed the word Lesson from the nav. bar per the client).

Please see attached screenshot.

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Elizabeth Pawlicki

If it doesn't work for you to move the content of the 'Introduction' lesson into the course description, one thing you could consider doing is turning the navigation setting "Previous and Next Buttons" to "off."  You could then add your own "continue" button at the bottom of each lesson for learners to navigate forward.  Here's a quick Peek I took with an example: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/4c92c1da-0d85-4ba1-a250-e9010a06b853/review