Rise - branching from a process style lesson

Hello, I am experimenting with a new branching Rise course and I can't figure out how to set up the correct course navigation. 

Learners start in Lesson 1 (Blocks) where they have the choice to branch to either Lesson 2 (Process) or Lesson 3 (Process). I have the navigation set up correctly for learners to branch to either Lesson 2 or 3 using buttons in Lesson 1. 

After completing either Lesson 2 or 3, I want everyone to move to Lesson 4 (Blocks). Here's where I'm stuck: at the end of Lessons 2 and 3 the only navigation option is for them to repeat that lesson. There's no trigger to move them on to Lesson 4. Can I insert a button in a Process to move them to Lesson 4 (if so, how?) or should I open the course navigation somehow to allow them to only move to Lesson 4 from this point?

In Settings --> Navigation I have the following settings: 

  • Navigation Mode is set to Free
  • No Sidebar
  • Lesson Count Labels off
  • Previous & Next Buttons off


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Hi Laurel,

I think this will be possible once the interactive processes will go in as blocks. Follow the replies in this post for more information, particularly the response from @Allison LaMotte where she says that the developers are working on this. Hopefully, once that is ready, you'll be able to change this. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laurel,

I don't have a timeline yet to share for the Process interaction as a block, but I can promise we'll let you know as soon as it's ready! Our team links all these discussions to the appropriate feature request so that we can update folks in case they miss seeing the "What's New, What's Next" page. 

Tash Wagner

We are trying to do a Course that has a Pre-Test that they can complete once. If they pass 100%, we want it to go to a Congrats page. If they get any questions wrong, we want them to go through the content and then complete the quiz. When we get to the second quiz, it won't unlock if you got the pre-test incorrect.

Is this the same issue to the above which people don't have a solution for?

Laurel Schulert

Hi Tash, your issue sounds similar because of the branching, but different because of the quizzes. My course has no quiz, only content. 

I don't believe what you are describing can be built in Rise. I think Rise courses can only contain one quiz. You could however use Storyline to build what you described.