Rise bug - Continue button, no slide completion

Hello community,

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this recently with Rise. If you put a continue button inside of your course at the end of a section, then you exit and come back, those slides are not marked completed anymore.

This happens sporadically (meaning it will happen one time, then not happen the next etc..) and I have tested this on Scorm Cloud and 2 other LMS's, they all have the same results. The only solution I have found is to get rid of the continue button altogether, but this has to be a temporary fix.

Even worse now is that I am starting to notice courses that have the continue button in the middle of the slide producing the same not completed error.

Is the dev team aware of this and has the community seen this happen to your Rise courses lately?


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Harry Carter

Getting similar problem here. So when I go through a Section but then click the section above and go through that section the continue button doesn't show again. 

Okay, so here is the thing.

Everything works fine if I preview the entire course. But if I edit a section and click up to another section I can't continue downwards. So it seems that when in an edit of a section, the info for continuing isn't there.

Ros McNamee

Ok, I want to be clear now that the bug I have described seems to be fixed with a new update of Rise. We republished our courses and are not getting the issue anymore. We found in the update notes that your team focused on it. But if it happens again, I'll be sure to update you here. Thanks again.

Harry Carter

Alyssa, I went in again to see where it's happening. So when I click EDIT and go into the edit mode for a section but then click PREVIEW, then click up top to go to a previous section, then once in the previous section and go through it...the continue button doesn't show and I also can't continue down.


I created this some time ago and well, when I just tried to recreate in a new course? It was different. So now, if I go into edit a lesson then click preview and try to scroll up, I can't. In other words, the edit and preview is limited to the lesson I'm on. It makes sense...was this done on purpose to perhaps fix the problem that I had?


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Harry. I'm glad you aren't stuck any longer. The lesson preview should be in the context of just the lesson you're editing. I added a Continue button at the end of a lesson which, when clicked, will take you to the next lesson rather than the default navigation options found at the top and bottom of lessons. I noticed that I could start to preview the entire course after clicking Continue in a lesson-only preview.

Since that is unexpected behavior, we'll have a closer look. If you see anything else that is hanging you up, please let me know!

Sungmin Hong

I can second the Karl,

Chrome started implanting stronger security settings starting chrome 80. 

1. Synchronize request on Exit. 

2. Cross Domain Cookie Handling ( SuccessFactors ) use tow domain. 


- Try to take the course with Console open ( Dev console ) You can see if there are any warnings or errors.