Rise/Canvas Tab Issue

May 21, 2018

We have run into an issue when using the Tabs block in Rise. When the content is exported as a SCORM package and imported into the Canvas LMS, the arrow button that allows the user to scroll to the right to see additional tabs does not function. It appears, but does no launch any action when the user clicks. This behavior only occurs once the package is uploaded in Canvas. If I extract the contents of the package and open the index file, the button functions correctly. Has anyone else run into this issue or found a possible solution?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dan,

A screen recording or a link to the course would be really helpful. It's also worth testing it outside of Canvas, as it may be how Rise and Canvas are working together in those particular browsers. If you've already exported for LMS, you can upload to SCORM Cloud. It's pretty easy to use, free up to 100 MB and provides a great experience for SCORM standards. Another option would be to export for web and upload to a hosting server such as Amazon S3. 

Daniel Amos

Please see the attached video. The first half is the behavior exhibited inside of Canvas. The second half is the what happens when I open the index file from the SCORM package using Chrome. I did notice that I can scroll over in Canvas if I click the just above or beside the button and hit the tab being hidden by the scroll button.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the details Dan. I would certainly expect the behavior from the latter part of your video recording.

I created a sample Rise course and tested in SCORM Cloud and I'm not seeing the same behavior. You can check out the output here. Do you experience the same issue?

This is the zipped published output if you'd like to test in Canvas as well.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Julia and Daniel!  I can reproduce this behavior in our instance of Moodle, so I'm going to get this documented for our team to investigate.  I noticed that the arrows to reveal additional tabs aren't functioning when the course is displayed in the LMS frameset.  If I set the course to open in a new window, however, the arrows work.  SCORM Cloud defaults to opening courses in a new window, which might explain the difference in behavior.

The workaround, if available to you, would be to have the course launch in a new window from the LMS.  I'll keep you posted on any changes we can make to this behavior!

Julia Gavin-Williams

Hi Crystal! Thanks for following up. I will look into whether we can launch the course in a new window from the LMS, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be a doable workaround. For now, I've played around with the format of the course, although ideally I'd like to use the tabs since it flows nicely with the course material being presented. Let me know! 

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