Rise Carousel or Process Formatting?

I saw a Rise course recently and am wondering if there's a format option someone used to create this or if they built it in a custom Storyline block. I've attached two images below.

I thought it might be a picture carousel or a process block, but in the course I saw the arrows are farther out to the sides (even covering the scroll bar), are colored, have an animation paired with them, and there are no dots underneath the images to represent the other slides.

Anyone know if this is custom or something that can be modified in Rise/block settings? Thank you.

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Brian. I think what you're seeing there is the evolution of Rise! The images you've shared are of a standalone process lesson. When we first released Rise, course creators could choose to use pre-built interactive lessons (which included the process interaction you see above) or custom blocks for creating their Rise projects.

We heard from users that they wanted us to integrate these pre-built interactive lesson types into the blocks library. When we made the process interaction into a block type, we also made some styling changes that impacted the position of the navigation arrows and added some progress "dots." 

If you'd like to convert this standalone lesson into the process interaction block style you're more accustomed to, simply select the "Convert to block" option in the upper right corner of the process interaction lesson. You can read more about these changes in this release announcement article, or simply reply here and I'll try to jump in and offer further explanation.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Gwen!

As Karl mentioned, the screenshot shown at the top of this discussion is a standalone process lesson. Now, you can add a process interaction as a block in a blocks lesson.

You can remove the word "Step" in the process block settings, but you'll still see the number at the top. Let me know if that helps you!

Eric Franks

Thank you. I couldn't find anything that supported that design, which is better. I did remove eh word STEp, but I don't like the number there either. :( Hopefully this will become an option soon...to remove the step indicator at the top of the process so it can be used more widely.

Kind regards,