Rise changing hyperlink address pointing to Oracle LM

Aug 15, 2017

We just started using Rise, and have run into an issue with hyperlinks.  We are trying to add a hyperlink from Rise to a course that is hosted in a very old version of Oracle Learning Management.  When we put the link to OLM into Rise, a couple of characters are changed and the link throws an error (it goes into OLM, just not to the course).  The link is very long, so here is the snippet that is being changed:

original link: US&params=15iZQk
link in published Rise file: US¶ms=15iZQk

We see this issue with adding a hyperlink with the Button, as well as with Multimedia >Embed.   The link is correct when we add it in, but does not preview or publish correctly. We figure this is all to do with Oracle (which causes us headaches on a daily basis outside of this issue) but figured it couldn't hurt to see if anyone else might have seen this behavior, as well.   Any thoughts? 

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