Rise Closed Caption

I created a video using Camtasia that included closed captioning. When I upload the the MP4 to Rise, the closed captions do not display. A button to turn CC on or off also does not display. Due to proprietary information in the video, I am unable to upload it to Vimeo or YouTube to use the embed code. What else can I try, and are there plans to have closed captioning available in Rise at some point? Thanks. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

Not sure how Camtasia handles the captions, but my guess is that they require the captions to run through the player and they're not written on the video. You could move the camtasia video onto a server and then use an iframe to embed the video.

Here's another option that works with Storyline. Here's a video tutorial that shows two ways.

Example of 2 options.

  1. Create a story file the same dimensions as the video
  2. Insert the video
  3. From Camtasia you can export the .SRT caption file.
  4. Import the caption file for the video into Storyline
  5. Adjust the storyline player so there's no player features and it's almost chromeless.
  6. Insert into Rise using a Storyline block.

Extra tips:

  1. Set the video to not autostart
  2. I'd put a hotspot over the video with the player so that the user can't click and stop the video.