Rise Collaboration & File Security

I manage a team of multiple developers working with Rise and Storyline.  I'm wondering if anyone has pointers on how to protect/secure Rise projects once they have been completed.  Our current setup is to have the developers make me a "course manager" during the development process so I have access to the project.  When the project is completed, how do we "secure" the project to avoid any inadvertent changes/deletions?

When I met with the development team today, they said that they need access to the courses in order to repurpose assets/content within the course.  So I want to honor their ability to work smarter, not harder.  I'm just trying to get so many "hands out of the cookie jar" if you will.  Any suggestions and/or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Hi, Kelly. There isn't a way to lock a course against future edits.

Does your team make use of block templates? If your developers know that they will likely repurpose some content, they can create templates to use in other projects. Then, they can add the template rather than open the older course to "copy and paste" content.

I hope that helps!