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Alyssa Gomez

Hi SibaPrasad,

Thanks for asking about Rise.com! It's is an all-in-one online training system that gives you one place to create, track, manage, and analyze your training. Rise.com includes all the authoring functionality from Rise 360, plus a library of pre-built lessons on common business topics. You can also start creating your Rise.com course from one of many sample courses rather than starting from scratch. Once you’ve created a course, you can enroll learners, track their progress, and analyze training effectiveness—all within Rise.com.

In short, Rise 360 lets you create courses only. Rise.com is a separate training system that lets you create, distribute, track, and analyze courses. To learn more, visit Rise.com here!

Mark Herrell

I recently purchased Articulate 360 (2 months ago) with the intention of using Rise 360 as an authoring app for my classroom. My school does not have a LMS available for tracking capababilities; I simply embed the Rise 360 lessons within a classroom website for general instructional use. 

Now, my question is: Do I now have to purchase Rise.com in order to get the tracking feature?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mark!

The Rise.com online training system is not included in your Articulate 360 subscription. 

If you're looking for a hosting and tracking solution for your Rise 360 courses, Rise.com is just what you need. It gives you one place to create, track, manage, and analyze your training. Check it out here!

If you have any questions, our Rise team is ready to answer them at sales@rise.com! 

Steve Prince



I am new to this field and was playing around on Rise.com  ... But a friend said I should rather be using Articulate Rise for what I want to be doing in the future. Can I export my already created content across from Rise.com to articulate rise ? I would hate to have to start over again :(



Annie Louden

Beware! If you have a team of people, and you ask them to create an Articulate 360 account to build Rise courses, they might mistakenly create an account with Rise.com SINCE THEY SHARE ALMOST THE SAME NAME.

And then, when you want to share/export your course with your Articulate 360 team, you can't! The courses need to be recreated in Rise 360. This is so frustrating!!