Rise content SCORM 1.2 sent sore after status

Hi, I republished some Rise courses into our LMS. The new scorm files first sent the status to the LMS. After reopening the course and closing the course the score is sent as well. All our former Rise scorm files works perfectly fine, but the new ones have these problems. Our LMS supplier mentioned it have to be in the SCORM file.   

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The BusinessAnt Consultancy / ej@TheBusinessAnt.com

Please allow me to clarify a bit more as the same issue happens here (we -Mammoet Academy and my current client- use the same LMS provider: https://plusport.com/)

It seems to be a recent development and tested it multiple times. Previously published (Rise) files don't have the issue and will give a completion.

What happens: After going through the file there will be a green check mark but no %. The content that should become available after that is not. ("content dependency": if file-x is completed/passed, file-z becomes available).

If you open the file again and immediately close it, the % will be filled and the next file will also be available.


Tested it (publishing SCORM 1.2) with both options: Complete/Incomplete AND Passed/Incomplete and "Track using course completion: 100%" and using a "Exit-course" button.


Hope to hear you soon. Thanks!



The BusinessAnt Consultancy / ej@TheBusinessAnt.com

Thanks for reaching our, Alyssa.

Indeed, I'm currently in contact with Eric and also brought him in contact with the LMS provider to figure out where the issue happens (and -of course- to find a resolution)

I'm not going to bother the community during this process but when the resolution is there, I will share the outcomes. (what caused the issue and how it was solved).

The BusinessAnt Consultancy / ej@TheBusinessAnt.com

Found a (temporary?) resolution:
LMS provider created an additional batch in their system to make it work. The cause nevertheless remains.

Cause according to LMS provider:
As most of you know there are multiple SCORM types (1.1, 1.2, 2004) and all have their own “structure”. Let’s call that “rules of the game”. Now it turned out that a “rule” coming from SCORM 2004 is part of the SCORM 1.2 export file. Where 1.2 works with a “rule” called “lesson_status”, 2004 works with “completion_status”. The Rise SCORM 1.2 export contains “completion_status” which is in fact no official “rule” of SCORM 1.2.

SCORM cloud will nevertheless show a proper “completion status”, but that is because they “approve” all “rules” of SCORM (which might end up in long discussions with the software suppliers (authoring tools AND LMS providers).

Response of Articulate:
"I did not experience any issues with the exported SCORM files, both with the one I've exported and the published output you first shared. I also tested on your published output by uploading it to SCORM Cloud and then finishing the course. It also used lesson_status as the completion rule....PlusPort LMS is in a better position to answer what possibly changed in their new release that may have caused the issue you've encountered.....Thank you for sharing your test results, and I really hope the root cause of the problem will be discovered."

I don't know, since I can't verify everything .... When I looked at the results in Scorm Cloud,  I indeed saw that the files used lesson_status as the completion rule. Still don't know how the previously exported version did not give any issues and the new ones did.

SCORM explained:

SCORM cloud: