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Feb 15, 2019

Hello Everyone,

My company has recently started building courses in Rise; we love the ease of use and the layout in which the course is presented to the client.  Rise really is a step forward for e-learning.

With that said, we are now having to back pedal our dive into Rise.  In our courses we use a lot of audio and video from our subject matter experts which we cannot have taken from our courses. 

Rise does not protect video files.  Our clients are able to right click the audio/video files and save them directly to their computer.  We have extremely proprietary information disseminated within our audio/video files and absolutely cannot have that information compromised.  I know that Storyline 360 maintains that level of content protection but using Rise going forward is our preference.

My questions are:

1. Is there a way to protect the video inserted into a Rise module that I may not be aware of?

2. If the answer to number one is "no", then are there future plans to add this protection feature to Rise?

Easily saving our videos to users computer.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!




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Wesley Scott

Allison, thank you for the reply.  I will definitely submit a feature request.  I cannot imagine we are the only company that needs to protect our IP in published courses.

Sam, that is actually a great suggestion!  I will go that route for inserting our videos into Rise.

Hopefully this is a feature that is quickly added to Rise.

Broderick Lemke

I just wanted to point out that even if you put things in Storyline it isn't fully secure. If you're incredibly concerned, someone can still get the material. If you're sending information over the internet, someone who REALLY wants the material can access it. Here's a quick peek of me being able to save the video out of a storyline project in review. All I had to do was open the Network tab in Chrome and wait for the resource to pop up and then open it up and save it from there. You can make it harder to access by putting it in Storyline, but it will not be fully secure. I just wanted to make you aware of that. That's just what happens when you send information over the internet, people can get it.


Wesley Scott


Thank you for pointing that out.  Our goal isn't 100% security but definitely more so than what Rise currently offers.  The ability to right click and save as is just a bit too easy and almost seems to encourage downloading.  We will use the Storyline work around for now.

Again, thanks for pointing that out.

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