Rise Course disappeared after navigating from it to change profile photo

Dear Team,

My course from Rise has disappeared: I was working on it (Chrome browser), then previewed it and navigated to my profile to change my profile picture.

When I reopened Rise - my course was gone!  I had only one browser tab opened with my course and I just navigated away to change my profile photo.

I haven't noticed any SAVE button when working on my course. I assumed it worked as GoogleDocs, when any changes made are automatically stored and do not require special saving.
Is that true?

How can I be sure that my work in progress is ALWAYS saved ?


Thank you very much

Best regards


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Irina Poloubessov

NB: I had to continue working and had to manually restore the course after this posting, but maybe you could check if this is something that happened only occasionally or there is some problem in changing profile pic while working on a course and loosing the data.

Also I would really appreciate if you could tell me if I did have missed out some SAVE button (for exaple when changing the theme, fonts and colors, you DO have the SAVE button)

 But do we have or need one for the course content itself???

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Irina,

The Rise courses are saving your changes automatically while you're editing text and adding new blocks or lessons. Within the settings for changing things such as colors or fonts, you'll want to hit the "Save" button to capture those changes as what you're seeing on the screen is just the preview of that change.

I'm really sorry to hear that you lost a course in this process, and you mentioned manually restoring it, but I'm not entirely clear on that? We've seen individuals lose a course or edits in a course when they had used the browser back button or opened the Rise course in another browser or tab. Our team is working on a fix for that situation, but in the meantime if you need our help finding the previous course in your account our Support Engineers are happy to work their magic on the back end to track that down. Just send them a note here if you need our help and they'll be able to look into your Articulate 360 account!