Rise course does not consistently mark users as complete - thoughts??

Dec 12, 2017

Hi all-

Hoping the power of the masses can help me with an issue we're experiencing with a course built in Rise.  

We created a course that includes a 10 question quiz.  We are using the quiz as the trigger for completion, with our publish settings at "Passed/Incomplete."  

We are finding some random users who, despite having completed (and passed) the test, still show a status as "Incomplete" in our LMS.  I will note that we are using Halogen as our LMS.    

When our LMS administrator logs in as the user and launches the course, she sees that they have, in fact, completed and passed the test.  They have often progressed beyond the test results page, too (there are 3 pages of content after the test).  She then scrolls through the remaining content and closes the module, which tends to complete the module for the user. 

My question - why isn't the successful passing of the test always sending a "passed" completion back to the LMS?  Because the course is not tracking percentage of content completed, a user shouldn't have to move beyond the results page to be considered complete, correct?

Again, this is a very hit or miss problem.  It is not, by any means, widespread.  Articulate support suggests it's an LMS issue since it's not consistent.  I wanted to see if anyone has seen any similar behavior from a Rise course and if so, did you fix it?  We have published this Rise course as SCORM 2004 4th edition. 



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Adarsh Char

Hi Logan -- Have you found any solutions to this as yet? I am seeing this with some SCORM exported Rise presentations. In my case I'm not even triggering completion - it just has to do with if the look at every section of the Rise content. The progress indicator on the menu shows almost a full circle but will just not get to 100% and trigger the next lesson to become visible.


Logan Stahler

Hi Adarsh-

I can't say if we are still experiencing this issue.  The module in question is a yearly requirement, and doesn't come back up for assignment until this fall.  I guess I will know if we are still having problems later on.  I wish I could be of help!  If you can't get a lesson to show, you may need to contact the support team as that sounds like a Rise problem, not your LMS.  


Adarsh Char

Thanks, Logan. I did find a few resources that suggested I try a few things
like moving to a different SCORM edition (using 2004 4th edition) which may
have corrected the issue. I also changed the lessons to show as complete
after 95%. It seemed like maybe the last bit of the page wasn't rendering
in the browser frame and so students couldn't get to 100% even though there
wasn't any content down there.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeremy!

Some LMS's won't receive completion data or resume properly unless you include an Exit Course link inside your Rise 360 course. Crystal shared more detail about that in her post here.

Do your courses include an Exit Course link or button? If not, there are two ways you can add it:

  1. Add a button block, and set the button destination to "Exit Course."
  2. Publish the course for LMS, and on the publishing screen, toggle the "Exit Course" link to ON. 

Please try that and let me know if you see an improvement!

Jen Edgerton

We are experiencing this intermittent completion issue with some Rise courses, as well. We've tried an exit course link and an exit button. I've just responded to another post today sharing that we've just discovered if the final module quiz is retaken, the course will move to complete in the LMS. It's not a solution, but it's a clue to figure out what is causing the incomplete communication to the LMS.

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