Rise Course Embedded Youtube Vid Issue


I've embedded a youtube video in my course, published for web only, and saved the output locally.  When I could through the course, the video won't load.

I've attached a screenshot.

I have a feeling it's because the course is hosted locally, but I am opening the file with Chrome, so I figured it would still load items hosted online?  

If this is the case any ideas on how I can host this someplace so I can demonstrate the product to my internal clients?



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Gregory Marchi

Oh boy, there's a share feature.  Yikes. This is why I failed out of detective school.

Part of my question still stands though...in the long run, I'd like to require my Rise courses as part of a learning plan, but then would prefer the content to be embedded someplace separately so it can be used as a quick reference without the song-and-dance of using our LMS.

If anyone has suggestions about that it would be much appreciated!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gregory,

Glad you found that Share link! The local content should work in Chrome, Firefox and Safari and the only exception to that would be the embedded web content which you figured out. You'll also see it noted here. 

As for the hosting, you'll be able to export for Web only - No LMS and then you can upload that to any web server. One we often refer people to use is the Amazon S3 servers, and there is a helpful article here on how to use that.

yaron schwalb

Hi Ashley,

reading the link you provide it mentions that "Note that embedded web content won't work offline unless you have an active internet connection. " - even though I have an active link I still can't get a youtube link to work.  It says " It may have been moved or deleted." It is a nonspecific youtube - I am just testing rise.  https://youtu.be/WiIGMWRKfQI  

Thank you.