Rise course gets a tick not a cross on failure

I have created a course in Rise but the learner is shown a tick in the left-nav when they have failed a quiz. I would like this to be a cross so that they can see what they've passed and what they've failed.

In the screenshot below, I had a failed attempt at the "Adult and paediatric basic life support" quiz but the item is still ticked off in the left nav.

I can go into each quiz and turn on "require passing score to continue" but this then forces the learner to tackle each quiz in a set order which is not suitable here.

I want them to be able to try each quiz once and then go back to the ones they've failed and recomplete just those.

Is this possible now or do I need to lodge a feature request?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris,

That checkmark you see on the Table of contents indicates the learner has completed that lesson. 

To change up how that behaves based on the quiz results would make a feature request! If you're able to share your thoughts using that form, it'll go directly to our product team. I can also pass along the post here for them too.