Rise course not exporting to pdf.

Oct 19, 2018

Hi folks,

I just exported 17 Rise courses to pdf.

15 exported perfectly. 2 did not. I have rebooted, opened, closed copied, renamed... These 2 course just keep exporting as blank pdf files. The 2 that are not exporting correctly are in the middle - as in a few courses before exported successfully and all after exported successfully also.

These short "courses" are all laid out pretty much the same as they were created at the same time and are part of one course.

I am stumped :-/

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Andrew Woolley

Hi Articulate Support,

I too am experiencing this same issue - other content has exported to pdf fine - however, even when producing a duplicate (as suggested above) all I get is a 1 page blank pdf, same issue as with the original and I have taken all the same troubleshooting steps as Jamie.

Please advise what further details you require to investigate this issue.

Kind regards,


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew, Craig, Kristina,

It doesn't sound like a fun club to be in, so let's figure out how to get you back to exporting Rise as a PDF!

First, can you check if you have a process block included? I saw an issue last night where that's causing the PDF to export as a blank page. If you remove that process block it should work - but our team is looking into that right now.

If you don't have a process block, can you check what browser you're using to export the course? You'll want to use one of the browsers listed here.