Rise Course on Moodle App for iOS

Jul 30, 2018

Hi everyone


Hoping someone may have some input or advice.

We use Moodle as our LMS and have our own version of the Moodle App for both Android and iOS. We recently started developing courses in Rise, especially since they scale so well to a mobile platform. 

We have hit a bit of speedbump on iOS, though. The course navigation doesn't allow a learner to navigate back in the course. The course navigation is open, and they should be able to navigate forward and backward at will, but on iOS they cannot go back to a previous section. The android app works though.

Has anyone come across a similar issue? If so, does anyone have any suggestions please? This is quite a big issue for us since we are planning a huge launch campaign on our new app, and can't do so until we know that everything works.



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Marcia Kitshoff

Hi Monica 

We have been in touch with the Moodle developers for iOS and they have confirmed that they found a fix for the problem which will go out with the next Moodle iOS update.

I am not 100% sure what date the next update will be pushed out, but the issue should be fixed when it does. 

Hope that helps! 




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