Rise course reporting in LMS


I have created a course in Rise that includes a short test at the end.  When loaded onto the LMS and SCORM Cloud the course reports as completed but the success states failed and the course doesn't update in the LMS as in progress/complete etc.

We've tested other courses with exactly the same publishing settings in the LMS and SCORM Cloud and all work perfectly.

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Michael Brown

Hi Allison, i did raise this with the support team but the issue is still unresolved.

I now have a number of different Rise courses that include a test that we need to be able to report on.  The original case I logged was not resolved, the only way I got the course to work was to reduce the number of questions from 10 to 6, then it reported correctly.

I now have a bunch of other courses all not working due to the fact the SCORM data isn't being sent from Rise to the LMS.  The assistance from Support has so far been very disappointing.