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Hello eLearning Heroes - 


I was in a developing spree this weekend and overwrote a course that I needed to publish. My version 3 is what I need to publish. Version 7 is my new content. 


I do not seem to have an option outside of Review in Rise to get to the content I need as a stand alone. 


Seeking a remedy!!!

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Karl Muller

Without a roll back function in Rise, version control becomes a manual process.

What some people do is regularly publish new versions to Review. You can also publish web versions of your course. While neither of these is editable, at least you have a reference so if something is lost, you can easily recreate the content.

Another method is to create a copy of a course before you make major revisions. Multiple copies gets messy pretty quickly though.

Where I work we maintain Word docs of the content, with the media in network folders. We update the Word doc content first, and then the Rise course of which there is only a single copy.

We use an Excel file to keep track of who made the last change to a course, when the change was made, and the exact nature of the change.