Rise course won't complete, and progress stops tracking at 70%

My team has been struggling with a Rise course for a month and can't figure out why. We have a course that was created to be free navigation, with no quiz. The course was originally set to show completion status at 80%. Two things happen here: when a user gets through at least 80%, and goes out of the class, then back in,  the progress rolls back to 70%. We have literally tried all kinds of settings, two different LMS systems, updated the activities in the section at the 70% mark, etc. Nothing works. Now I have it set to show completion at 65%, which triggers a completion status and the certificate. BUT- if someone completes 100% of the course, and goes back in, it still rolls progress back to 70%. Since the course takes several hours to go through, we have received hundreds of emails saying users are losing progress if they take portions of the course past that 70% mark. Here is a debugger: https://cloud.scorm.com/sc/guest/ViewDebugLog?logId=372ec4db-74aa-4e75-90d4-6902d4040ee2&courseTitle=Explore+enVision®+Mathematics+Clark+County+Grades+K-5

Any help or advice is much appreciated!

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