RISE courses will not load on our LMS

I want to know if anyone is experiencing issues with uploading RISE courses on an LMS. I exported a course from RISE yesterday and when I uploaded to the LMS, it just spins with that "hang tight" message. 

I put in a ticket to Articulate and sent them the file, and the file I sent works on their LMS test server. So they said it was an issue with our LMS.

To further investigate if this is a problem with our LMS, I asked a colleague to test a RISE course that he uploaded back in July 2018. This course works fine in the LMS today. 

He still had the .zip file for this working course from 7.25.2018. So I took that file and loaded it in place of the my .zip course file that won't work. It worked just fine. I again uploaded my .zip course file that belongs there, and it didn't work. 

So then I asked him to go to RISE and export the SAME course again (note: he has made no changes to this file) and try it in the LMS. This time, he uploaded the file to our Test Course (so as not to interfere with the working course) in the LMS. The course just spins with the 'hang tight' message. 

To further test this issue, I took the zip file from 7.25.2018, uploaded it to our LMS test course, and the course opened just fine. 

I then took the .zip file that was exported yesterday,  11.29.2018 and uploaded it into our LMS test course, and it just spins and won't load. 

I sent both files to Articulate. They tested both in their test LMS server and both files work fine. So they say it is an issue with our LMS. 

But how can that be? It's the same course. The only difference is that one file was exported 7.25.2018 and the other file was exported yesterday 11.29.2018. I don't see that as an our LMS issue but as a RISE issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem and if so, have you solved the issue? 



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Jarosław Nowacki

Hi! Diana and Jeremy - you are not alone. I have same problem. One of my users is able to launch Rise course that was exported in late 2017 and loaded to LMS, but cannot launch same course when I export it today.. As far as I remember, 2017 file was created somewhere in November / December 2017.  This is not related to LMS (I'm using Talent LMS) as we did some testing and my user was also not able to launch the 2018 file from scorm cloud testing environment as well. My opinion is that it is related to the way the exporting works now - clearly there was some change during 2018 that results in an export that interferes with some browser / network settings of my user. I have a ticket opened and Articulate is looking into the problem, but for now it has been almost the same as with your problem - both files (2017 and 2018) work ok when Articulate test it. Maybe you can direct Articulate to this thread (I will do it) so that they can check whether we are all experiencing same problem?

BTW Are you using Internet Explorer or Edge?

Jeremy Kraemer

Hello all, I figured I'd reply with what we have found to work for our situation of newly downloaded courses not playing through our LMS. (Side note, this is foreign to me and our system engineer had to do it all)

We were instructed with the following. And it worked!

Rise content depends on .woff (Web Open Font Format) files to display fonts in Rise, and it's possible that the web server hasn't been configured to allow the download of .woff files.

If your web server is running IIS, you may need to add the .woff MIME type in IIS manager to serve this file type:

  1. Open IIS Manager (Start >> Run >> type inetmgr, then hit enter).
  2. Select the root node from the connections pane. Double-click MIME Types from the features pane.
  3. Click on Add link in the Actions pane. This will open up a dialog box. Enter .woff as the file extension, specify application/font-woff as the corresponding MIME type, and click the OK button.


Here's the link where we found the instructions.



Mike Beagen

It is being worked on thank you

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