Rise Covid-19 Course

I just read an article by Lucy Suros, "6 Things You Need to Know to Spin Up a Remote Workforce Quickly."  A wonderful article and a must-read, thank you, Lucy.

In the article, she mentions a free Rise course to combat misinformation about the COVID-19 coronavirus.  It states Articulate/Rise is giving it to Rise customers in-app as well, so it can be customized.

My question, would someone be able to direct me to the Rise course that can be customized?  I went to my Rise 360 and could not find it there or in the templates.  Since I am new to Rise 360, is it different than Rise?

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Crystal Horn

Regarding the accuracy of the course, we'll be keeping the publicly available course here up to date. Feel free to share that dynamic version with your peers! There's more information here about which sources we used.

Once you copy it to your own dashboard, you'll need to maintain your version.

Happy to help!