RISE: Custom course labels


When creating new course labels for one of my course labels, I've noticed that the new label names are reflected throughout all courses in my library. This is a bit of a problem because I have Spanish courses and English courses, and have separate buttons for each, depending on the language. 

Is there a way that I can change labels for a specific course without changing ALL course labels? Is there a reason behind this?

Thank you for your help as always!

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Lise Haché

Hi Cheryl. Thanks for your reply.

That's what I did. I created a new Labels set especially for this course (even if there was already a French lables set), I made sure I chose that set but the labels are still showing in English.  I can't publish my course with English labels.  Anybody has encountered the same issue?  If so, how did you fix it? Thanks.

Crystal Horn

Hello Lise! I noticed that the custom labels for the process block showed during Preview and when exported. Let me see what I can find out about those labels not changing during editing. I'll follow up with any changes to that behavior.

If you're having a different experience, please let me know!

Patricia de Souza

I am currently working on converting an english rise course to German and have used the method mentioned above to change the labels to German. Itis a little annoying that the labels only show up in the corretc language when you preview, but I can handle this!

However the one label that idoes not show up in german is the one on the continue divider : "Complete the content above before moving on". - how do I change the language  (or even customise this), I do not see it listed in the labels settings