Rise custom headers are "auto-bold" - I don't want it bold

Hi, I didn't see another discussion on this so asking.  I use Golden Plains as my custom headers which aligns with our branding however it is not to be used as a bold font.   I see that Rise automatically makes headers bold.  Any suggestions on how I can use my custom font but not have it bold? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maggie,

The Heading font setting automatically applies the bold to differentiate it from the Body font as you'll see in this screenshot using the "Raleway" font for both:

I'll be happy to pass your feedback along to our product team, who are always keen to hear new ideas and ways in which we can continue to improve. Feel free to share yours with us right here. 😁 

One idea, does the Golden Plains font have a "Light" version? You could try uploading that one to see if the Bold that is applied is little less. 

Gord Draibye

I would also find it very useful to be able to remove the bold or select the regular weight of the font to be used in the Heads. I understand 'bold' being the default, but not being able to edit it is an issue. It is becoming very common for larger, light weight fonts to be spec'd for headers in company branding and telling clients we cannot match that is hurting the option to use Rise as a solution to their course delivery needs.