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Michelle Eiteljorge

I am having the same issue, and this has happened to me before. Last time, it was an issue on their end where they moved my files in the cloud or something--basically, the link to the course was no longer pointing to the course, so I just got the "loading" message forever.

I submitted a case and the email response said it may be a day or two before anyone can even help. This is super frustrating as I work on deadlines and cannot wait for a day or two, so I'm hoping it's a different issue this time. Please let me know if you figure out some way to get your course back :-).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

We were investigating an issue that may prevent Rise courses from loading or load much slower than normal and have implemented a fix.

We'll continue to monitor performance and will keep the Articulate Status page updated, you can subscribe to updates and notifications on that page.

Michelle Eiteljorge

Thanks for the info...I went to the page you noted and it says the issue has been resolved, but my course still isn't loading.

In the case I submitted, I included the URL that comes up when I click the course from my dashboard. Maybe something different is going on with my course?

Michelle Eiteljorge

Yes, that's right, but I can't comply since I can't open the course, unfortunately. I have tested the duplicate and copy functions from the home page with coworkers hoping that might work, but no luck.

Michelle Eiteljorge
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My Demo

Yes, I'm finding the same here. I can both ping and browse to almost any other website including the main Articulate and Articulate 360 pages, just not the Rise section of the latter nor the course I was working on a few minutes ago. None of the "is this site down?" pages said Rise was and yet I definitely have connectivity+"ping-ability" everywhere else, so I was glad to notice this Support thread had activity from "1 minute ago" and it appears this is a known issue.

Articulate staff, please let us know via this thread when this is resolved, thanks!