RIse Drag and Drop viewing issue

hi everyone

i have created my first Rise course and have an issue with how the drag and drop targets are displaying in the browser using IE11. This must be a browser issue as Chrome displays the boxes as expected (see both attachments). My issue is that i need to use both browsers as well as mobile devices. can anyone advise on why this is happening in IE and what I can do to fix it? thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Justin,

Thanks for sharing the images here. This is a known issue in IE11 that we've reported to our Rise team. What we have found is that if you're able to resize the browser - either to be full screen in IE11 or larger than the current display the items will move to appear where you'd expect them to appear. Unfortunately that's the only workaround right now other than steering clear of IE11. 

I'll include this forum discussion in the report that we've filed with our team so that I can update you here once there is additional information to share. 

Justin Whayman

thanks Ashley not ideal I am afraid as IE remains the supported browser of my company as a whole and although some users have Chrome this is the minority. Is this bug something that is likely to be fixed quite soon? For now the only option I have will be to avoid using the drag and drop function which isn't really ideal thanks

Ashley Terwilliger

Hey Justin - 

I just heard from our team that they were able to get that fix into the update that dropped last night! I hadn't had a chance to read the release notes this AM yet, but you'll see it here - and so you should be good to go with the IE11 drag and drop/sorting activity issue. The fix is noted as: A category drop target in a sorting activity would be partially offscreen in Internet Explorer 11.

Bethany Bovard

Have any problems been posted regarding Chrome browser on Android/Google phones?   

I attempted to view a Rise example using both Chrome and the built in browser on my Galaxy Note 4.  The drag/drop card sorting activity worked fine on built-in browser but not in Chrome.  Another person commented on same example that the activity would not work for her on her Google Pixel XL and I believe Chrome is the built-in browser on that phone.

Thanks in advance for any insights you might be able to share with me. 


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bethany,

Thanks for linking to the example there! I do see that we've got an issue with the sorting activity on Android devices right now that we've shared with our team and will discuss with them further. I'll include this forum discussion in the report we've filed so that I can update you here once we've got some more info! 

I would double check that you're using the Chrome browser as the Android phones do have a built in browser that is not the same as Chrome. 

Bethany Bovard

Thanks for letting me know!
I am positive about browser. I have 2 browsers - I added chrome browser in
addition to built in browser. The problem happened in chrome browser for

Thanks again. I am a new Articulate user and all my experiences with the
tools, the community, and the support folks have been excellent.