Rise: Exit button doesn't work in Safari if popup blocker is 'block and notify'

We have an issue where the connection between a course and the LMS doesn't work as expected when popup blockers are enabled in Safari.  The status of Rise courses remains as 'not started' after the course is started.  Even if the learner exits during the course or successfully completes the course it remains 'not started'.  The issue occurs under the following circumstances and we have been able to replicate in SCORMCloud.

  1. Course is launched using Safari.
  2. Learner has popups blocked.  Clicks on the 'Launch Course' button (see attached image).  Course behaves as expected.  ie status moves to 'in progress' and 'completed' when completion requirements are met.  Course Exit button works.
  3. Learner has popups blocked.  Clicks on the icon in the Smart Search bar to display the popup (see attached image).  The Course Exit button does not work and when the popup window is closed, status remains as 'not started'.
  4. In Storyline, the same issue occurs, however an 'unable to acquire LMS API' error message appears notifying the learner there is a problem.

Can anyone shed some light on what might be happening and if there are any workarounds?

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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Alison. On a test course in SCORM Cloud, I got the messaging you mentioned in #4 when using the icon in the smart search bar. When launching the course from the pop-up notification (#2), it recorded progress as expected for me. I'm using Safari Version 13.0 (14608.1.49).

Can we have a closer look at your course and setup? I'd like to explore why you aren't having the same experience. 

Alison Woodage

Thanks for your reply.

FYI – I have also raised a support case with this issue (#01976825).

Here is a link to a course we have in SCORMCLOUD with this issue (see screenshot):


I am using MacOS Mojave version 10.14.5 and Safari v12.1.1