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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marie!

Thanks for reaching out, and I'd love to help. Can you share a few more details with me?

  • Are you tracking the course by percent viewed or quiz score?
  • Are you marked "complete" even if you haven't viewed all the lessons in the course?
  • Does this problem happen when you view the course on a desktop computer?
Marie Acree

Thank you Alyssa for reaching out so quick. Here are the responses to your questions.

  • I have it set up as percent viewed.
  • There is only 1 lesson in the course. It is scenario block course with a few scenes. If I hit exit course in the the first scene, it completes it.
  • On the desktop computer using chrome, it comes back as incomplete when I click exit course in the middle of the scenario. I went back and retested and if I click during the question part, it comes back completed.
Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marie, thanks for those details! There are two things I'd like to have you check.

First, open the course in Rise 360, and click Export. Be sure that the completion percentage is set at 100%. 

Next, course completion is based on the percentage you see at the top of the sidebar menu, shown below. When you test this issue on a tablet or desktop, check that percentage before clicking the exit button.

  • If the percentage says 100% (as shown below) before clicking the Exit button, the course should be marked complete.
  • If the percentage says something less than 100% before clicking the Exit button, the course should be marked as incomplete.