Rise Export (Scorm 1.2) not uploading into LMS

Apr 22, 2019

I'm trying to publish a course that I created in Rise. I've exported the course as a scorm 1.2 file. I've tried in multiple browsers now, and I've tried exporting the course multiple times. I get the following error message:

"Multi standards (AICC/ SCORM/ xAPI) are not allowed in one file. Please create a separate file per each (AICC or SCORM or xAPI) and try again."

Any advice on how to successfully upload this course? 


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Steve Flowers

I think the upload process in the LMS is being overly picky about the files contained in the zip. This is pretty annoying for publishers. The uploader should simply ignore any files within the zip if it's uploaded as a SCORM file, "Uploaded with Errors", rather than rejecting the file with a critical error. Here's how I am fixing it:

1) Unzip the SCORM file. 

2) Search the unzipped folder for tincan.xml. 

3) Delete the tincan.xml files that return in the search. 

4) Rezip the contents of the unzipped file, ensuring that the imsmanifest file is at the root of the zip.

** If you don't remove the tincan.xml files from the imsmanifest file, you'll get warnings for every missing file. Not a big deal. It'll still upload. 

The CSOD square dance. Less than fun. Glad there's always a way but weary of fighting with my tools. The above process will need to be done after every publish. Ugh... To be clear, the LMS should ignore these files. It'd be great if Rise would remove them at publish but this is an LMS fail.

Kevin Reagh

That makes sense since the files we're having issues with upload and work fine on scorm.com. I found that if I removed storyline blocks I could upload to Cornerstone. I know that's not a viable solution but it is a data point. I just was granted admin status with Cornerstone and will submit a ticket. I'll report here on what I hear back. 


Even I am facing the same issue in the Corner Stone LMS. I have a RISE course that is giving me the same error - Multi standards (AICC/ SCORM/ xAPI) are not allowed in one file. Please create a separate file per each (AICC or SCORM or xAPI) and try again. 

I have a storyline block in my course and I reckon this could be the reason for the error. My colleagues have uploaded their RISE courses on the same LMS and it worked for them. 

Would be great if you could provide a resolution soon.

Maryanne Harrison

Steve's work around works for me.  Anything with a Storyline block will contain tincan files in the zip.  You have to delete them, as well as their references in the imsmanifest file, in order to get things to load without an error.

Rise files with no Storyline block will load fine without any manipulation, from my experience.

Brett Rockwood

Having the same issue with Cornerstone. Hadn't seen this thread before I started my own:https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/storyline-block-and-lms-tracking-error. Course was working and uploaded earlier but when trying to update it with a new SL Block I get the critical error. Interestingly the course that was successfully uploaded a couple of weeks ago had SL Blocks in it. 

Do we have some idea of when this will be resolved? 

Maryanne Harrison

Hi, Kevin,

Deleting the tincan.xml files will get it to a state where you're able to load it.  It will still receive error messages, but it will load and work.

If you want to eliminate all "Resource file is missing" error messages, you also need to delete any references to those files from the manifest file.  I have included instructions below.

Unzip the SCORM file.
Search the unzipped folder for tincan.xml.
Delete the tincan.xml files that return in the search.
Open the imsmanifest.xml file. (I use Notepad)
Search the imsmanifest.xml file for tincan.xml.
For each result, delete the entire < > line. (You should have the same number of lines in this file as you had individual tincan files to delete)
Save the updated imsmanifest.xml file.
Rezip the contents of the unzipped file, ensuring that the imsmanifest file is at the root of the zip.

That should remove all errors when you upload to Cornerstone.

Kevin Reagh

FYI, Here is the response I got from Cornerstone:

"We are aware that Articulate courses that export as a SCORM course sometimes have storyline blocks inside the courses - these blocks are exported as tin tan in the SCORM package and we are currently blocking the option to have more than one protocol per package.

 The reasoning behind us blocking this option is when creating a new version to a course that has multiple launch types, there are many points during the re-version process which may cause an unsuccessful re-version of the LO and we would like to avoid as many errors in this case for the clients.

The course can be uploaded to SCORM CLOUD because it's more lenient than us, we have many compliance and security requirements that we need to uphold for the clients and mixing more than one protocol in a course can potentially create many versioning issues for our clients.

The suggested workaround in the article and in the URL you provided will work.

I've tested this and it seems there's no reason for the blocks to be exported in tin can if you can delete all trace of it and the course still runs as expected, I understood that Articulate are working on this issue and we will be monitoring any additional issues that might arise in the future."

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