Rise Export (Scorm 1.2) not uploading into LMS

I'm trying to publish a course that I created in Rise. I've exported the course as a scorm 1.2 file. I've tried in multiple browsers now, and I've tried exporting the course multiple times. I get the following error message:

"Multi standards (AICC/ SCORM/ xAPI) are not allowed in one file. Please create a separate file per each (AICC or SCORM or xAPI) and try again."

Any advice on how to successfully upload this course? 


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Joseph Madere

I also use Cornerstone, this is only affecting us for Rise Exported courses. Normal Articulate courses are working fine. We have a ticket open with Cornerstone. Will keep you all posted for feedback.


Update from Cornerstone:

The error is triggered by the presence of tincan.xml traces in the Storyline blocks. Since Tincan (xAPI) is now a supported package type in Content Uploader, the system will not upload the course with multiple types detected (SCORM and xAPI). I have attached a Knowledge article covering this in further detail.

Error received: "Multi standards (AICC/ SCORM/ xAPI) are not allowed in one file. Please create a separate file per each (AICC or SCORM or xAPI) and try again."


The Content Uploader no longer allows for more than one launch type to be uploaded in one course zip.

The reasoning behind this is when creating a new version to a course that has multiple launch types, there are many points during the re-version process which may cause an unsuccessful re-version of the LO.

As the error code indicates, we do not allow for more than one launch type to be uploaded in one course zip file. This was effective in the February release.

To upload the course you will need to separate each standard (AICC/SCORM) in a different zip.

Articulate Rise - Storyline Blocks
Courses that were created using the Articulate Rise authoring tool can get this error when uploading.
The error is triggered for courses that are using storyline blocks inside them.

Articulate exports the course in a SCORM protocol however, the storyline blocks are exported in the TinCan (xapi) protocol - causing the course package to have both SCORM and TinCan protocols inside which triggers the error.


1. In the course package (unzipped) search for all the files that are "tincan.xml" and delete them.

2. Open the imsmanifest.xml file in the root folder and search for "tincan.xml" and delete all <file> tags to avoid the missing resources error.

3. Zip the course and upload.

Joseph Madere

Of course. I asked them if this was a long term solution or not and got this response:


"In regards to the solution, Articulate is said to be working on a fix on their end on exporting the Storyline blocks in a different manner. The current workaround is to be used in the meantime."

Debbie Heunis

I have the same problem.  Work around is fine but if you are uploading 10-15 modules at a time it is not feasible.  I hope that Articulate will be able to help as I somehow get the impression that Cornerstone is not really interested - this worked before, its just since the last updates from cornerstone that this has happened? Thanks articulate for at least trying.  Appreciate it.

Crystal Horn

Hey everybody. I'm excited to let you know that we just released update 29 for Storyline 360! Here are all the details.

One of the fixes addresses an issue where a Tin Can file was showing up in Rise 360 courses that included a Storyline block, causing errors when uploading SCORM packages to your LMS.

Here’s how you can update Storyline 360. After updating, please republish your Storyline project to Review 360 as HTML5-only, and reinsert your Storyline block in Rise 360. Let me know how you make out!

John Hopkins

Hi everyone. I have used the "fix" Joseph graciously shared. We'll be sure to use that for our upcoming courses, but I noticed in my colleague's recent file I am working on,  there are no storyline blocks or TinCan protocols in this particular file.  Does anyone know a great troubleshooting way to solve this concern? We are also using Cornerstone LMS. We have no issues playing it on the RISE cloud.


John Hopkins

Hi Alyssa! Thank so much for responding. When I use giffs or videos within RISE. It works fine on the RISE cloud network with no issues. Whether I publish it as a 1.2 SCORM or 2004 SCORM, it will not upload the published course properly. I noticed if I removed all of the videos and giffs attachments within the course, it plays properly. Do you know if there is a best practice regarding video size and the size of the giffs used within a RISE published course? Is there a best practice to how many videos and giffs can be used in one RISE published file? I have the screenshot of the error message I received from our Cornerstone LMS site when it contained the giff files.

John Hopkins

Hi there. Technically this file was created by my colleague. I'm not comfortable sharing that without his permission and he is out of the office for a few days. I did wonder if the team has any best practices regarding how many videos and giffs can be used in one published RISE export file?

Thanks again for always being responsive.