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I am working for a company that has a lot of course material already in a specific LMS. I wanted to use some of the pieces in Rise to spruce up the learning experience. The Flashcard feature, for example. So, how can I create a set of flashcards and only export that feature, instead of having to export an entire course? I tried just creating an interactive block with no other content but it exported it like it was a whole course, with the default course design, etc...Also, how do you edit the colors within the flashcard or other features? There is an orange setting that persists for the flashcard top bar, and I didn't see how to change it.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marcia, 

The current set up of Rise will always include a lesson (such as a Flashcard) inside the larger Rise course structure. You can edit/modify a number of features to showcase that one lesson though, for example:

I'd love to know what other pieces or features you'd like to see! Rise is always evolving and it's helpful for our team to know more about how you'd design courses and where it fits your current structure.

Mar Lin

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried Rise out for a day, as it seemed to have a lot of neat features and I liked some of the design elements. I didn't like that you had to only choose one accent color for the whole course. I also didn't like that my little Articulate avatar showed up on the course, and I couldn't figure out how to remove it. I didn't like the alignment of the "start course" button - wanted to be able to alter it, but didn't find how to change it anywhere. Also, I didn't see how to change the text alignment in the Flashcards, so they were all centered. I am sure there are ways to do all of this, but since my company wants me to embed pieces into their existing LMS course, I couldn't ultimately use Rise anyway, so all of these other things became moot. But, it has promise. I do really appreciate it being an online choice because I much prefer to design on my Macs, instead of using Windows or Parallels, etc...Anyway, thanks!

Michael Bauer

Hi Marcia

You can click the arrow next to your avatar name and then select Hide Author so it will disappear. Also, in Settings > Labels you can change the text that appears on the START COURSE button, and if you delete all the text the button disappears. The button is stuck where it is though if you use it, unless some Javascript guru has some tips on how to align it elsewhere.