Rise file with Storyline 360 interactive block - not working in mobile app


I have capsules developed with rise only, and others that are developed under Rise and that include Storyline 360 file as interactive blocks.

The first ones are working well when uploading the file in the mobile app, but the later one no. The file opens, we can go through up to the interactive block with Storyline, but this one is not working and we cannot go any further or backward. We are stuck there.

Did anyone face the same problem ? and have an explanation for this?

Thanks a lot for any help !

Anne Sophie


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Anne. Feel free to privately share the file with my team so we can help troubleshoot. You can do that by clicking here.

Just a note - we only support Rise 360 output in supported mobile browsers, not 3rd party mobile apps. We still want to make sure the Storyline interaction is playing as it should, however.