Rise files maintaining LMS completions

Jul 23, 2019

Hi all!

We recently discovered a typo in one of our Rise files, so exported a new version for our LMS. I then discovered that Rise files do not maintain the progress like Storyline files, so it reset the progress of everyone enrolled.

Is that a setting I didn't turn on? Or is that how Rise is set up?


PS: another issue we discovered was a Storyline block with "Access Denied" on the user end. Would love help on that too!

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Karl Muller

Huge Disclaimer: I not a SCORM expert :-) 

Yes, if you keep the name of the course exactly the same you can replace your SCORM package without impacting learner progress.

Based on my own observations it appears that when you change the name of a Rise course, that the unique course identifier is changed behind the scenes. This information is not made visible in Rise itself so it's an assumption.

For our organization, before I was hired, the decision was made to include a version number as a part of the course name. When we publish course updates we need to change the course name from V1 to V2, etc.  It would be great if we could change the course name without the LMS treating it as a completely different course, thereby resetting learner progress.

It would be useful if Rise staff could confirm the implications of changing the name of a published Rise course. 

Natasha Moussavi

Thanks Crystal! I have actually not experienced that with Storyline files. Regardless of a name change, any replaced SCORM file in our LMS would maintain the partial completions.

So how is an organization or team that provides these files able to make timely edits without taking away work that has been done? That seems unfair and should have a better solution.

Phil Mayor

Only the most basic changes to storyline files will maintain the resume data inside the LMS anything that adds a slide or extra functionality will break the resume data.

Although not ideal, there are good reasons for this, you may have changed the way a course functions, added in content that is mandatory that the user has a already skipped. 

There are also a couple of things in play here, changing the name in Rise is likely also changing the identifier which makes it a new course as far as the LMS is concerned, changing the name in a storyline file doesn't change the identifier that is when you do a save as. I don't know how Rise works with the resume data but it is better that the users starts from the beginning rather than the course getting locked up because the new course does not understand the previous resume data.

Karl Muller

Referring to the link Crystal sent, our LMS does not behave that way. It seems I've been spreading misinformation based on how our LMS works.  My apologies for that.

Our course updates are usually not significant, fixing typos etc that do not require the learners to retake a course. In this case we choose to update the existing SCORM package. So the fact that our LMS works differently is useful from this point of view. 

If there are major changes we treat this as a completely new course that requires learner re-certification. In this case we add a new course and retire the old course. 

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