Rise flashcards in Canvas LMS


I'm an instructional designer who has inherited a Canvas course with sets of Rise flashcards.  When the flashcards have been viewed (or the paged on which the cards have been viewed) the student should be getting a point for completing the assignment where the cards are loaded.

This is not working.  I am pretty proficent in Storyline, but a real novice in Rise.  When Rise says it tracks completion, does that mean it signals the LMS that the assignment has been completed?


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Karin Rex

Hi Judith:

A Rise course can be tracked by an LMS based on one of the following

  • Percent (%) of Rise 360 lessons viewed
  • Rise 360 quiz score
  • One Storyline block

If your course is built entirely in Rise, then it will be based on that first bullet. I am assuming you have exported Rise as a SCORM and loaded it into Canvas, correct? For the point to be scored in Canvas, it has to be set up as an assignment. Here's info on that if you need it:


Karl Muller

Hi Judith,

In Rise you cannot use  flash card blocks to track completion. No information specific to the flash cards are sent to the LMS.

If you open the EXPORT page for your Rise course, you will see these three tracking options, of which only one can be used to determine course completion:

If all you have in the course are the flash cards, you can use the first option to determine if they have viewed all of the flash cards (viewed 100% of the course).

Judith Reymond

I will give that a shot, too.

My work-around so far has been to add a 1 questions quiz ("I have reviewed all of the flashcards.  True or False") to the course.  The answer to the quiz seems to give Canvas something to report back on.

However, I will keep trying with the information you all have given me.  It's personal now.