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Olivia Siggers

Hello crystal
Thanks for the reply, the footer is difficult to see on a mobile device , so I am using a button to get to the next lesson. Also how can I indent chapters in lesson.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Natacha,

Can you share a screenshot of what you mean by "chapters"? That will help me to have a better idea of what you're referring to. 

You can attach the screenshot here. Thanks!

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Jo Moorman

Hi Alyssa - I know this hasn't been progressed but I'd like to turn off the automated next lesson as well - in the last lesson of a section I'd like to just have a "Mark as complete" or "Go to next section" button rather than the automatically numbered lesson.

Currently at the end of lesson 4 I can use blocks to put in a button but the "Go to lesson 5" (which is the first part of my next section) automated link is remaining and I don't want it.

Is there any easy way to remove this?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jo, 

The footer at the bottom of each lesson with the default language of "Lesson # - Lesson Title" is still built into Rise.

You'll see that at the bottom of each individual lesson, so if you've included a few blocks together, it would appear at the end of those. 

It sounds like you'd like to have the option to remove that all together? I can share that with our product team, but you can also feel free to detail them more through a feature request

Jo Moorman

Hi Ashley,

What I need is for the bar below which appears at the end of each lesson to basically be optional.
I don’t mind it in a section e.g. if I was working on a topic such as “Essentials” which had 5 lessons in it then below is fine (although the option to turn it on or off would be good.)

But what I don’t want is, in the last lesson of the section, a bar like the one above to appear saying “Lesson 15” or whatever.
I would prefer it either to have the bar show the next section header e.g. “Next Steps” or to have the option to turn it off and put a “Section Complete” button which would move the user on.

I would also like the lesson numbers to reset per section.

Does that make sense?