Rise for job aids and manuals

Mar 20, 2018

We are looking at using Rise to modernize our job aids and manuals. We have several that can be anywhere from 1-500+ pages.

Currently, we create these docs in Word, save them to a pdf and upload them to our LMS. These are boring documents with numbered steps and static images that are sometimes difficult to update due to formatting issues particularly with the larger, older documents. (Sometimes converting back to Word from a pdf strips the format. Sometimes we no longer have access to the original Word doc.)

Is anyone using Rise for documentation?

I like that it saves as a scorm file so we'll be able to track usage in the LMS. (We can't track pdf usage.). I also like the ability to add short demo videos instead of a bunch of screenshots. I’m running into issues numbering long list of steps with screenshots between the steps. Maybe because this wasn’t the intended use for the software?

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