RISE: hide lessons that use the Button or Button stack

Is there a way to 'hide', from the learner, the lessons that a button stack goes to?

Sounds draconian, but I'm finding that it's a useful addition to Rise, but users can simply navigate around the path, that's been decided upon by simply scrolling down. 

The basic navigation feature of the webpage-esque scroll down is great - so much more modern than the next/ previous wrapper buttons! (I don't fault Articulate for this, it's just a situation with LMS' and elearning tools.)

My thought is that, if you place a navigation aid - Buttons/ button stacks. then the scroll down feature should be disabled/locked out.

I've tried including a divider with rules, but no joy on any of these options.

Any ideas please?

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Lawrence Eaton

I do apologise for this delay, I kept writing it out and then machines crashing etc etc.

Short form: If I have two topics I'd like my learners to experience and use a button stack to give them the option. Is it possible you can hide this in the TOC?

In Storyline you can hide 'stuff' in the player controls section and was wondering if this kind of function would be added to Rise, please?

Alyssa Gomez

You bet, Lawrence. Here's how to turn off the course outline. 

  1. Click Settings in the upper right corner of the course editor.
  2. Select the Navigation tab.
  3. Choose the No Sidebar option from the Sidebar drop-down list.
    • This turns off the sidebar altogether. It also removes the course outline from the cover page. And since learners won't have access to the outline, they must navigate lessons in sequential order (unless you use button blocks to branch between lessons). This also disables search.

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!