Rise: How to Share Courses with Learners

I am looking to export my file to Web-only Output,when I come to the final step in the "Rise: How to Share Courses with Learners" I am  not sure how to do this Step if you could provide me some more information on how to do this I would really appreciate it.

Here is the link to the Articulate support site where I found the steps for exporting to web-only output.

Below is the step I am unsure about.

Step 6. Extract the zip package, upload the contents to your web server, and give learners a link to the index.html file.

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Tom Kuhlmann

You'll get a zipped file [file.zip]. This needs to be extracted or unzipped. Right-click and you should see an extract option. If not, you can use a program like 7zip to extract the contents.

Once the folder is unzipped, you move it to a web server where you host the files.

The index.html file is what you link to and share.

I did a post a while back on using Amazon S3 to host and share courses. I use Cloudberry (free) to manage that part. You can get the gist of what needs to happen in the video tutorial. It's basically the same process, upload the course to a web server and create a link to the index file.