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Tracy Parish

Darn.  I thought, although not ideal, I could be all tricky and use the Rise share link and place it onto one slide in SL360 as a web object and then publish the SL360 course to my LMS.

The rise course as a web object was unviewable as well.

Note: Rise is not viewable within my particular LMS while using IE 11. However, it is viewable in Chrome whether I export Rise as a zip file or embed as a web object. You are welcome to contact me offline to find out which LMS; it's lesser well known than any of the major names in our field.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy,

You should be able to view the Rise course within IE11, as you'll see in the browser requirements here, but you can't author in IE11 or Microsoft Edge (although that's coming soon!). If you're not seeing it display when you launch the course I would want to know a bit more about the following: 

  • What LMS are you hosting it within? Have you also tried SCORM Cloud to rule out an LMS specific issue? 
  • What browser did you author and export the course in? 
  • Can you share a link to the Rise course (using just the Share button) and is that viewable in IE11? 

If you're able to share those items here we can take a look, and if you'd prefer to share privately you're always welcome to share those direct to our Support Engineers here. 

Gustavo Silva

I can so relate to this. We're using Healthstream as our LMS and Rise will not work in IE11. It'll work on literally everything else, Chrome, SCORM Cloud, even Firefox. However, when we load a lesson on our LMS using Rise and IE11 as a browser, all we see is a blank page.

We'll try contacting our LMS team, it sounds like it's their issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gustavo,

If SCORM Cloud and IE11 worked as a combo, that's the sign that your LMS is where the Rise/IE11 hiccup is happening. I don't know much about Healthstream as an LMS, but please keep us posted if you find out any additional information from them about what could be causing this behavior. 


Gustavo Silva

Hey Ashley,

Something curious just happened. We also have an internal website that we use host elearning without the SCORM package. When I posted the course as "No LMS-web only" the lesson will work great on Chrome but will not work on IE11. We're going to use  Browser Tools and troubleshoot in there to gain insight.

Otherwise, I'm attaching a screenshot of the same course (not on an LMS)- same behavior works great on Chrome, blank page on IE11.

So it's more than just the LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Gustavo for that image - would you be able to share a link to the course? I also wanted to confirm that you weren't authoring or exporting it within IE11? As although it should work for viewing a Rise course within IE11 from the Share link, the LMS export or Web export - IE11 is not supported for authoring in Rise. 

If you can't share it publicly, you can send it along to our team here. 

Gustavo Silva

Thanks Ashley. I went ahead and submitted it through the private link.

Question, when you say "authoring" do you mean "exporting"? Or are you saying we can't use IE11 at all even to create anything? The reason why I started developing some of the lesson I sent in IE11 was because the "timeline" pre-built lesson wasn't working on Chrome. Is it implied that I'd have to re-create the whole lesson again in order for it to work? Or can I use what I've created and just publish it through Chrome?

Anyway, the ticket I sent has all the info necessary.

Gustavo Silva

Anyway, sorry to say that even a course completely authored through Chrome will not work as a web object, LMS (with or without) on IE11.  

Here is a quick lesson I created and it still won't work on IE11 despite it being authored completely through Chrome:


The thing is, personally, I don't like IE11 but it's the approved browser on our health system. I hope to find a fix for this. It's such a great tool that we cannot use.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Gustavo for sharing in a support case (# 00990016 for my reference).  I'll follow along there as our team is able to test your course in a variety of browsers. 

For authoring or exporting, I meant any changes the author/creator of the Rise course was completing within Rise. So if you were adding content all the way to clicking on the Export button to prepare it for your LMS, you'd want to do so in a supported browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.  I'd look at exporting the same course in one of those browsers to see if helps with the playback issues you're experiencing and from there we'll have a better sense of what impact IE11 has had on the course creation and exporting. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Sorry Gustavo- your response came in a bit delayed to me, so I didn't see it before posting my response! We'll take a look at that course link as well. 

Personally, I'm on the same page about your sentiments for IE, as for coming to convince your IT team, depends on where you're located...in a warm weather destination perhaps? ;) 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roxanne,

We just got Gustavo into a support case so that we could take a better look at his Rise course from the share link and the exported file as well so that our team could do some more testing as his was not playing in IE11 inside his LMS and outside the LMS. 

I'd want to know if you're only running into this problem viewing the course within your LMS, or if you've been able to test it in any other hosting environment (such as a web server or SCORM Cloud)? I'd like to get our team to take a look at your course too - so I will open up the case for you and they'll be in touch via email. Keep your eyes peeled for a message from Support@articulate.com 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Roxanne, 

It looks like Miker reached out to get a copy of your Rise course as well, so if you're able to share that you can use the upload link in his latest email to you on Friday.


It looks like within the experience you were having the course was being shown in a version of IE7 based on Rise not specifying a document mode. This is something Miker shared with our Product Engineers to take a look at. We'll keep you posted on any changes in regards to that! 

Scott Dickman

Hi all - having similar issues with trying to launch a RISE exported zip (as SCORM 1.2) by bringing it into our LMS (Learnshare). Had a designer within our group develop a lesson in RISE as we are trialing 360 and could not get it to launch in LMS (following all of the steps outlined by Articulate). I just opened ticket, before I saw this thread. We are an IE shop too.  So I just went in and launched the Articulate sample course in CHROME (on Nutrition) and exported it to SCORM 1.2, got the zip and uploaded. Still won't launch in Chrome (from LMS), but if I extract the zip on my local machine and locate the Index.html file (using Chrome browser), it will launch the lesson locally. Having worked with our LMS Vendor for over 10 years, I don't think this is an LMS issue whatsoever. Sounds like maybe some browser compatibility bugs to work out? What always makes me a little nervous is how deep the start file is. In a typical SL2 zip, the start file (index_lms.html) is always in the root. In the RISE export, it is two levels down (index.html) within a directory called ScormContent. This being a new product, it probably is not an issue, but seems outside the norm to me.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Scott,

Thank you for sharing here and I see your case # 00990975 that my colleague Rowie is taking a look at right now. So far the issues shared earlier here were issues with document mode in IE, but you also mentioned that the sample version didn't work for you in Chrome with your LMS? Does the LMS only support IE? Do you know which version of IE, as you'll want to be on the latest version IE11. 

I also updated your case with the information you shared here and will follow along as well! 

Melissa Jordan

We are having the same issue. We use PeopleSoft and IE11.

We turned on Developer Mode in IE11, and were able to determine that our course is trying to launch in Compatability Mode in IE7. When we force it to launch in IE11 it works just fine.

Hope that helps troubleshoot the issue! Our only current workaround for now is to use the Share link, but we'd love to be able to use the AICC files.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melissa, 

Thanks for sharing that additional information here. Our team has been taking a look at a few of these instances shared here to determine what is causing the LMS to force it into compatibility mode or document mode. To take a deeper look at this, would you connect with our Support Engineers here and share a link and a login to your course within the LMS? That'll help us figure out some further recommendations and next steps to share with you and other users who may be experiencing the same thing. 

If you're unable to share that information with us, I definitely understand and we'll include any other updates in this forum discussion as our team looks to test a few of the other courses shared by users here. 

Adam Debenham

Having similar issues. Running a trial version of Rise. Worked out to export in Chrome to our LMS. Then works fine through our LMS in Chrome. Swapped to run through IE11 and it comes up as blank screen. Our organisation uses IE. Love to hear if anyone has found a way around this. Hoping not to go back to captivate or something else to do elearning authoring, as it is simple to use.

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Adam, and welcome to Heroes!

Our team has observed an interesting trend where some Learning Management Systems are forcing IE 11 into Compatibility Mode, and we're not sure why.  Compatibility Mode forces IE 11 to behave like IE 7, which has no support for the HTML5 standards that underlie Rise.

Here's a quick Peek at how to see if IE 11 is running in compatibility mode.  If you confirm this is happening, a next step might be to test your Rise course in SCORM Cloud and see if IE is being forced into compatibility mode there as well.

...or to take this in another direction, you could test a non-Rise course in your LMS to see if it is forcing all content into IE Compatibility Mode, or just Rise courses.

If all of the above points to your LMS, I suspect you'll need to reach our to their Support Team to have them take a look at why they are forcing IE 11 into compatibility mode.

Please let us know if we can help with any steps along the way, and good luck!

Tom Späti

Same issues here. But I tried the unzipped files from desktop by opening the index.html file (used the sample course "Employee Health and Wellness"). Works fine with chrome but not with IE11 (grey window, title of the course is written in the tab). Why doing this? We started to integrate some Storyline 2 content on Sharepoint websites which works fine. So no LMS involved. 
Loads of companies are using restricted/limited editions of the Internet Explorer because:

  • old self-developed tools that would not work anymore in the new version of IE
  • security issues

Could this be a reason too?


Melissa Jordan

Unfortunately, I can't share a login for our LMS. But the LMS guy that found the issue told me it isn't our LMS that is forcing the course into compatability mode - it's our IE.

Our IT Dept. has checked the option in IE to run in compatability mode for all our  machines. We're asking if that can be changed, but are expecting them to say no due to some tech reason that IE should have that option checked.