Rise image and text block mobile display issue


There is an issue with the mobile display of the image and text block - when you use a coloured background, the text overruns the container  and thus appears over both colour-defined areas.  I would expect it instead to increase the size of the container so that the right elements appear in the right place.

I would also expect that an alternating right/left layout would revert to an image/text layout on mobile.




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Crystal Horn

Hi Nic. In the below example, I used a right-left-right combination for my image & text alignment, and I used 0 padding for the tops and bottoms of my blocks:

On mobile, right-aligned images in the image & text block will show the image under (or after) the text, and left-aligned images show over the text.

It sounds like you need the alternating right-left combination for your desktop viewers, but image-text-image-text combos for mobile viewers. You'll need to choose which experience you'd like to see more, the alternating left-right on desktop, or the consistent text-image-text-image on mobile. I would also experiment with different padding options to get the right amount of space between your blocks.

The space between the text and the images looked ok to me - I didn't see an overflow of text. If you're experiencing that, can you share another screenshot of your editing window for that block and one of the text overflowing into another area? It wasn't clear to me from your above screenshot. Thanks!