Rise - Image and Text Block Padding

Sep 01, 2020

I'm attempting to create a flowing infographic look in a rise page. I'd like to have images down the left side that appear to be connected, flush against one another. When I use the Image & Text block, I see that when the top padding is set to "no padding," it is flush with the block above it. However, the bottom padding is not flush with the next block even if set to "no padding." It appears to still have about 30px padding. As I'm trying to set this up as a template for multiple members of my organization to use, logistically it would be too much time for me to edit the styles in then export afterward to achieve this. 

The images will stay flush in the centered image option, but then I can't include text. Due to responsive cropping and inability to position text, I'm unable to use the text on image block.

I'd rather have the text visible and not collapsed, so I am not planning on using a labeled graphic.

Any recommendations would be helpful, thanks in advance!

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