Rise - Image Error

Hello Community, 

I'm new with using Rise. I tried to pull in an image I've used in several SL projects but I receive error messages. I've attached the messages as well as the images. I've tried both .png and .jpg with no luck. 

Can someone educate me as to why I'm receiving these errors?

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Pastpapers Tutoriapk

Hi, I have been having the same issue as well since the last couple of days. And so have other people! I have been using rise for a while now, but this is the first time I have seen this issue occur in such a high frequency. Please note:
1. I am using the latest version of Chrome
2. No URL's are blacklisted on my end
3. Using a Macbook and Chrome OS

(Other people having the same issue)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Umair and Karel,

I don't see an existing issue with uploading images, which is what Leslie pointed to from earlier on our Status page. 

I was able to upload the images Karel shared, so it doesn't seem that it's the image. What browsers were you using, Karel? 

Umair, could you share one of your images so that we can test it?